Infrastructure and Cloud Security

Techniques for assessing cloud vulnerabilities and strategies for an attack are specific to the cloud environment in scope. Avantirium professionals have significant experience building and testing Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. A Cloud Security Assessment is critical for any organization leveraging the cloud for application hosting, data storage, business infrastructure, or Exchange and Office management. A Cloud Security Assessment provides the level of testing necessary to be confident in cloud infrastructure security.

● S3 Bucket And Data Storage Misconfigurations
● User Administration Roles And Key Management
● Remote Access Policies
● Cloudfront And WAF Bypasses
● DNS Record Takeovers And Misconfigurations
● Volume And Host-Based Encryption
● SSL Certificate Configuration
● Cloud Environment Logging And Monitoring
● Inbound And Outbound Network Acls
● Endpoint And Application Monitoring And Patching Policy

Infrastructure and Cloud Security

Data Security (IoT and Embedded Device Security)

Internet of Things and embedded devices present a unique security challenge. Intelligent devices have an unusually complex attack surface, complicated software update mechanics, and hardware weaknesses often impossible to fix with software updates at all. To understand the risks, Avantirium engineers perform an in-depth security assessment of a network-connected device and multiple managed wireless access points. The engagement spanned core operating system, applications, firmware components, and software at all boot levels on both clients and management devices. We aim to identify a wide range of security issues across management web-console, communication protocol flaws, firmware backdoors, open debug ports and several lower severity vulnerabilities that could be chained together to achieve critical impact.


Security Governance, Risk & Compliance

Implementation of security controls around IoT and OT, industrial managers must clearly understand IT systems, including communication networks, control command systems, and emerging technologies. Our advisory team will bring the knowledge of the method used by attackers, standards & regulations involved, and of available security solutions

Program Design and Development – help to build robust security programs – Strategic, Operational and Tactical
Security Assessment – Security assessment with actional recommendations
Cybersecurity Talent Support – Assist staff support to accelerate progress and cover talent gaps
Technology Assessments – Help to understand the overall security posture of the end to end devices (including IT, OT & IoT)

Managed Security Services

Manage OT and IoT cyber risk and reach target maturity with customized programs that span managed security advisory engagements and technology consulting and research and development.

Manufacture Support – Coordination and resolution of complex security issues with vendors
Vulnerability Management – help your organization form a general overview of any known vulnerabilities in all units and applications in your network. We can scan your internal as well as external systems and uncover which units are most exposed. In order to ensure that all devices in the network are known, we carry out a discovery scan that gives a total overview of the number of devices connected to your network.
Threat Management – managed detection and response service, which our Security Operations Center (SOC) delivers 24/7, 365 days. Our team consists of certified and skilled experts who leverage cutting-edge detection and response solutions along with advanced analytics to provide you with the ability to detect, monitor, investigate, and rapidly respond to cybersecurity threats.
Penetration Testing - Provided on networks, web applications and mobile applications, Telecom infrastructure, Operational Technology, and more, will attempt to compromise your assets to reveal potential vulnerabilities.
Source Code review - provides a fully secure code review service where we ensure that all security issues related to code application are corrected promptly. This will help during the development of the application.


Security Awareness Training

Carefully examine emerging markets, technology trends, applications, and skills required to build a secure place. The training brings the understanding of security framework coverage from basic to advance level.