Designing a secure and scalable solution for our clients is our goal. Our security strategy allows us to develop a solution to identify the risk and reduce the clients' risk. We always minimize complexity and make it easy to understand. Keeping IT simple allows us to manage much better.


Secure IT operations is what every company needs. Avantirium provides services inclusive of IT security services, including Firewall Management, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Endpoint Security, and Threat Analytics. We have a full stack of security products to support our clients.

Govern & Operate

We rate our success based on our productivity, coverage, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to the success where we build our
managed IT services around
our client's operations.
Acceleration and blazing
fast technology are helping grow fast.

New Cyber Threat per minute


Average cost per Data Breach

$3.62 M

Client experiencing Data Breach

1 in every 4

Reason's to work with Avantirium